Duke University Hospital survivers guide 101

These things are all in your previous medical care life, and there is no returning.

  1. Logic
  2. Human decency
  3. Communication
  4. Compassion
  5. Truth
  6. Integrity
  7. Morals

No doctor will ever be honest with you again the rest of your life, “You are now “Duke Black Listed” in the medical community, if any doctor is caught being honest with you, they will be “Black Balled”.



OK, your new life sooner or latter will start here:

  • START accepting the reality of your new life.
  1. Get your Bible, keep it in sight at all times.
  2. If you are not a “reader” use the free online audio bible study websites like Oneplace.com and do at least two hour of bible study every day.
  3. If you are not a local church member, find a church you feel comfortable with. Get to know the pastor, talk honestly with them. (your church family will become a critical part of your life)


  • Start the medical records documentation process
  1.  Do everything electronically.
  2. Request your medical records via the hospitals records department request form.
  3. Read every word of the request, be sure fill in all the information. be sure and write clearly on the request exactly what you want and the dates.
  4. Add a note on the request clearly written “ANY and ALL records excluding NONE”  Unfortunately, that will not help you actually get all the records, but at least you have now documented it.
  5. Expect the hospital to use all the possible time they can to delay you getting what ever they want to let you have.
  6. Expect critical records to either be missing, illegible, altered, falsified, missing. This is standard practice, do not let this insult you, it is intentional on their part.
  7. Keep repeating records request, this will likely go on for years, remember they want the three year civil statute to expire.



  • Once you have a good idea what happened to cause the harm or death, make a formal complaint to the North Carolina Medical Board.
  1. DO NOT give any medical board original records!!!!!
  2. Make pdf copies and send them via email attachments.
  3. Expect the North Carolina Medical board to use all the time they legally can to ” thoroughly review” your complaint and records.  (remember it is their purpose to run the statute of civil limitations out too, as well as ensure no one will ever testify on your behalf)
  4. When you finally receive your standard form letter from the medical board stating “bla bla bla….” no violation found”, take it in stride, and simply resubmit with slightly changed wording. Possibly by then you may have squeezed a few more crumbs of records from Duke Risk Management/medical records to add to your complaint to the medical Board.



  • Medical Malpractice law will NOT help you. (total farce) But be sure to play along with the game anyway just to document your due diligence in securing justice and answers to your concerns. Document everything use email,  get names of who reviewed the records, etc) have another med-mal firm in mind once you receive their standard rejection form letter. repeat, repeat, document everything via email, record all phone conversations where email communication is refused.

More on this continuing subject next post……




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